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If You Eat A Lot Of Animal Protein You Will Get Diabetes Too

Biohacking Tips
September 19, 2022

We’re going to continue with biohacking tip number 11, which we’re still drawing from the book of china study and I just randomly reading the book. The tip for today is going to be diabetes; did you know that animal protein is highly correlated to diabetes? And most people don’t know, they are thinking simple carbohydrates, sugar causes diabetes. If you eat a lot of cake, you’re going to get diabetes too, did you know that? So from this book the china study, they did some research. Japanese-americans, there was another study where they looked at, they measure the diets and diabetes in a population of Japanese American men in Washington state here in the U.S..

These men were sons of Japanese immigrants to the U.S. and remarkably they had more than four times the prevalence of diabetes and the average rate found in similar aged men who stayed in japan. So these are Japanese-americans who stayed in Washington State compared to Japanese men that stayed in japan. So what happened, these Japanese-americans the ones who developed diabetes also ate the most animal protein, animal fat and dietary cholesterol each of which is only found in animal based foods. So the Japanese-americans here in the Washington state that eat tons of animal protein had higher rates of diabetes, the same dietary characteristics are resulted in excess weight.


So even though like the atkins diet, paleo diet that are high in animal protein diet, they initially help you lose weight. But they actually damage your liver, damage your kidney when you do it too often and the end result is this why the atkins diet is not sustained. You can’t get sustained weight loss; you actually start gaining weight afterwards because you generate so much inflammation so the total fat intake was also higher among the diabetics. These second generation Japanese-americans ate a meatier diet with less plant-based food than men born in japan and they had four times the prevalence of diabetes, they’re four times more likely to get diabetes.


So the researchers wrote apparently the eating habits of Japanese men living in the united states resemble more the American eating style than the Japanese. The consequence is four times more likely to get diabetes from eating too much animal protein and this is the biohacking tip.  Most people correlate again, diabetes with sugar, carbohydrates and they start dong diets high in animal protein. They wonder why they lose weight very fast but then their blood sugar may drop but then slowly it starts creeping back up again and their weight starts to increase. They’re still eating animal protein but everything’s going backwards and this is the danger of eating too much animal protein and having this carnivore diet.


So got to be careful about this diet, powerful food is medicine hypocrites said that and the research is all conflicting and so forth. That does why we follow achieve integrative health; we follow data that has been around for thousands of years. We don’t follow the latest research because the latest research hasn’t been proven with time to really help benefit in restoring the human body that our organ functions. They may temporarily help us with certain things but they don’t help us solve the problem. If you want to eat, there’s a way that can help you restore your organ function and help you regain the higher quality of life. It’s more sustained, means year after year not just at one month I dropped 20 pounds and then the second, third month I started gaining it all back. That’s not what this is about, this is about 3000 year’s old history of how to eat, and it hasn’t changed guys.


Yes, our food has changed a little but the eating, what we need hasn’t changed. If you need that help, give us a call at Achieve Integrative Health and if you just changed the way you eat, you can actually start reversing a lot of chronic diseases, that disorders that you have right now. Just pay attention to what you put in your mouth is vital, so topic for today is high animal protein. You have four times higher chance of getting diabetes; this is from surveying thousands of people 3000 year old data. Trust what you want, I like to trust things that have been lasted for thousands of years and not just research that was done last year. If you do need that extra help at achieve integrative health, we are the number one experts at helping people restore the organ function.


-Jimmy Yen

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