Who’s the Best Doctor?

Biohacking Tips
September 28, 2022

We’re going to hit you with biohacking tip number 13 and I got a secret book that I’m going to read out. I’ll let you know what the book is after I read it but the topic of today is “who is the real doctor?” who’s the best doctor? It’s not me, it’s not achieve integrative health, we are one of the best but let me ask you this. When you’re not feeling good? What do you like to do? What do you do? You go to your physician. And if you’re like most people, you want your provider to tell you what is wrong with you and tell you what condition you have and stick a Label on you.

You want that diagnosis everybody wants but what’s the point of the diagnosis? Certain things, the diagnosis it gives you more information right. If your doctor can give you a label or diagnosis then they are able to give you a medication because pharmaceutical drugs are tied to diagnosis. Diagnoses are irrelevant they only indicate what medication you’re going to be given in these situations, does medication heal you? Or does your doctor heal you? So who actually does the healing? Who does if neither the doctor nor the medication kills you? who is the true doctor? Who actually heals you? If you haven’t guessed yet it’s you.

Your body is the best doctor for your body it’s not for the doctor or for anybody else’s body but it is the best doctor for your body. Because nobody’s going to know your body better than you know. Your body is going to know itself so you have to learn how to be in tuned with your body and not just brush things off. Like “oh i just” you know “i had constipation for five Days”, “i haven’t gone to the bathroom”, “oh it’s just normal”, “no it’s not normal”, “oh I” you know “i haven’t urinated, I’ve only urinated two times today” or “I’ve urinated you know 100 times today” that’s not normal. 

“Oh I’ve got these”, “oh my neck is stiff that’s just normal” no it’s not normal. The reason why we run into issues is because we ignore our number one doctor, we ignore the most important doctor in our life that’s your body. Your body is the best doctor, you cannot expect other physicians to do it because they will not do it right. They’re going to prescribe you medications which will not reverse your health condition; it will mask and manage it if you’re looking for someone to heal you. 

You must look to yourself; look at the person in the mirror because there’s no one in this world who can heal you but yourself. So you want to know who wrote these magical words, it’s one of my latest book achieve a life of wellness. Yes, I wrote it right there jimmy and you can get this book at our clinic or on amazon. And it’s just a little, I just gave you a little tidbit from my book achieve a life of wellness how to basically the road map on how to restore your organ function. 

It doesn’t give you all the how to’s because it’s a thin book, it’s a very fast read but you need a road map. First you need a road map on where to go, who to go to, and then you can go to the right physician. If you need that extra help because some are so sick that we can’t identify what’s going on in our own body. Our number one doctor is confused so you may need another doctor, another healthcare, practitioner to communicate with your doctor and your number one doctor which is your body. 

And try to figure out what is going on, not to give you a medication or a supplement is to figure out what’s going on and what you need to do to restore that function. But if you need that help, if you’re having a hard time communicating with your own doctor which is your body and interpreting the data from your body. Then give us a call achieve integrative health we are the number one acupuncture and wellness clinic in Central Texas. So we can help you demystify and translate what your number one doctor is telling you, what your body’s telling you, all right guys if you need that extra help give us a call.

-Jimmy Yen

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