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Built-in Diagnosis Machine

November 28, 2022

How do we make a diagnosis? What’s going on? Did you know that every one of us has a built-in diagnosis machine? Did you realize that you don’t need an MRI? You don’t need x-rays, you don’t need blood tests, and you don’t need ultrasounds. You actually have a built-in diagnosis machine. Now, I’m not saying you don’t need those things. I’m just saying you have something that’s even more superior than that technology, and that’s an innate ability, an innate diagnosis machine that God gave us.

You know, God built that; God created us. God made the human being perfect; we have our own diagnosis machine. We can self-regulate, you know; you don’t have to think about breathing. You can just breathe; you are aware of certain things; you are not required to think about digestion. You just digest; you don’t need to think about poop because he is going to make your body make you poop, and so the body was built brilliantly.

I mean, who’s going to argue that your body is the perfect machine? All the things that could go wrong when you give birth to your children, it’s a miracle that everything works perfectly alright? Now, what happens? How come something or someone is sick, but some people you know are able to thrive? Well, it’s because we mess it up, so stop messing up your body, alright?

So, the first thing we’re going to talk about is the diagnosis of sexual dysfunction. So, the first thing before you go to any type of healthcare practitioner, there are certain things that you can pay attention to that can tell you the health of your organs and the state of the health of your body, and so your body gives you clues, right? In order to be successful in this health journey, one must leave clues.

It’s as simple as paying attention; nowadays, we’re too preoccupied with our phones. I’m looking at Facebook the same way I’m looking at TV right now, and we forget about the most important machine of all: our own bodies. So, let’s start paying attention, okay? Now, if you need some help in identifying what’s going on in your body, Chinese medicine has been around for 3,000 years, and they’ve come up with some cool diagnostic tests that utilize the human body.

and that can give you so much information, okay? So, if you require assistance, please contact us at 512-260-1710 to achieve integrative health. So, we can help you identify what your body is telling you, what’s going on, what’s wrong, and if you know your body, it will tell you much sooner than an MRI or an ultrasound machine. If you can just pay attention to your body, you can prevent a lot of diseases from happening.

So, let’s start listening to our bodies, okay? So be it again. Call 512-260-1710 for assistance in achieving integrative health. We are the number one acupuncture and wellness clinic in Central Texas. So, what do you think your body’s telling you? What are some diagnostics that your body—or his built-in diagnostic machine—is telling you? What do you think your body is telling you? I want you to like and share this post so your friends and family can get involved.

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