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September 20, 2022

It’s a sexy life that’s what we’re talking about today, so who wants a sexy life? So what is this sexy life? A sexually life to me is the life that you’ve always dreamed of. Creating the life that you grew up maybe or maybe not as a kid but as you went through college and you went through your adult life, you were wondering “man it would be nice to have this life”. Whatever that life is everybody is different, some people like to be able to live in the countryside and have tons of land, farm, animals, and their own garden. Other people like to live in a city and the condos, whatever the life that you want that’s your sexy life.

Why haven’t you achieved your sexy life? You know I used to think I didn’t have the life that I want that I had right now because I was lazy and I just wasn’t really putting in the work well. You have to put in the work, there’s no substitute for putting in the hard work but when my mentors told me most of the time when people don’t get the success they want they don’t build a sexy life that they want. It’s not because of their lazy, it’s actually because they’ve been given the wrong information or misinformation. So if you’ve been given the wrong information and you know how is that going to miss that will result in it’s like you’re driving to from Austin to Dallas.

And you’ve been in the wrong directions instead of going to straight north, you’ve been someone told you “oh you got to go east well, if you go east you’re actually going to end up in Houston and you’re not going to end up in Dallas”. It doesn’t matter how hard you work, it doesn’t matter how hard you run, doesn’t matter how much effort you put in if you’re going east. For those of y’all who don’t know the Texas Houston is east of Austin so if you’re given the wrong direction of going east, it doesn’t matter. You could be working overtime; you’re still never going to get to Dallas because Dallas is up here.

It’s important that you have the right information and that is the same thing with your health if you have the quality of life. The quality of health that you want most likely is because you’ve been given the wrong information and achieve integrative health can give you the right information. You can call us five one two two six zero one seven one zero, you’ve got to get the right information. Let me give an example back then, you know the Atkins diet people want to lose weight, who doesn’t want to lose weight? I want to lose weight and I am losing weight.

But one of the things is, back then the Atkins diet was so popular to help people lose weight and everybody started doing and everybody started in all this animal protein and decreasing carbs getting rid of the vegetables, getting rid of fruits. And just eating animal protein when in the caveman world weโ€™re all doing that necessarily you got information correct. Here’s the thing, what happened after ten years later? 20 years later what happened? They found out that too much animal protein actually damages your liver because your liver has to process that protein. People were having all of these liver problems, liver inflammation so it was actually killing people.

They lost a lot of weight but here the thing, they lost a lot of weight initially and then what happens they start plateauing and then actually end up gaining the weight. The Atkins diet is what we call one of those fad diets, there’s so many of the fad diets right now and if you don’t have the right information you’re following it. Guess what, you’re not going to get the result that you want and so if your goal is to lose weight. Let me ask you people that want to lose weight, do you want to lose it temporarily or do you want to lose it permanently? There’s a difference, well the Atkins diet you’re not going to lose it permanently have impact, you may lose the weight but you may end up dying.

There are a lot of people who actually ended up having liver problems, kidney pumps because they ate too much animal protein and so you got to have the right information. What right information is that depends on our clinic achieve integrative health or the number one acupuncture clinic in Austin Texas. We provide the correct information for your body type and necessarily your body type. It depends on how your organs are functioning so we didn’t apply which organs in your body are not functioning correctly and we customized a diet to fit that specific organ.

To help that organ you improve their function, we use the diet to help you restore function because once you restore function you’re going to be able to want lose weight, it’s a side benefit. But more importantly, you’re going to start feeling more energy, you can get better sleep, you’re going to be more productive at work, you’re going to be able to play your kids, you’ll be able to play tennis play golf, and you’re going to more have a higher quality of life. Isn’t that truly what you want? And in losing weight you’re going to feel better, you’re going to have more energy, isn’t it more energy what you really want? I mean looking great is good.

We talked about sexy abs but what’s more important, it’s that ability, to be able to do anything, to do everything that you want, to do when you want to do it. And that’s what sexy life, this is to have that quality of life, now whatever that is to you, that everybody’s different but to have that quality of life that’s the sexy life. If you need help again reach out to us five one two two six zero one seven one zero achieve integrative health, you can like us, like and share this post. Share it with your friends so they can get this right information to correct information otherwise they’re following all these fad diets.

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