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How to Take Care of Your Eyes

September 29, 2022

We’re talking about sexy ayes and if you notice what I’m wearing right. I don’t know if y’all know what this is, some people call blue blockers but very crucial to sexy eyes. I really want sexy eyes so let me talk about what am I wearing because I have my contacts on. These are not prescription glasses, then these are contacts today, they block blue light and it’s crucial like of Technology these days.

There’s so much blue light coming at us that’s triggering our brain, it’s activating our brain so much and this is one of the causes of insomnia. Now I’m going to have this before three thousand years ago but man created technology, all this stuff that we’re creating to make life easier. A lot of the things they actually hurt us – they hurt our health and technology hurts our eyes. Especially those of y’all who are working on the computer every single day or if you watch tons of TV, you’re getting that blue light and it’s hurting your eyes.

What you’re doing is you’re making the optometrist a lot of money when you’re getting all these eye problems. How do we stop this blue light? One of the things is to wear some of these glasses they call blue blockers. They come in this one’s like light yellow, I’m not sure if you can see but they also come in orange so really dark, especially for like night times. And I got this off of Amazon, this brain is called true dark but there’s so many and I have another one.

Let’s fall there called gamma ray optics, I’ve got one called gamma ray optics; there’s tons of them you can give them. So this is one of the good things, I don’t wear it ease enough myself but this is if you’re not good at computer a lot. This can decrease your eye strain because if you’re thinking if you’re on the computer for eight hours, 10 hours you’re at the end of the day, your eyes are going to get tired. You feel like you need to rest them, you need to show them well.

This can actually extend your computer screen time, not that I’m saying that you need to extend your computer screen time. Actually the first thing you need to do if you did get off of Facebook, that’s giving you blue light well but only after you watched or finish watching this video. The next thing that you can do is something on your cell phone; it has a display let me go here display brightness. I’m going to choose that option in settings and you’ll see there’s a night shift.

A night shift that will change the color of the intensity for the brightness in your cell phone because I know all of y’all are looking at your cell phone when you’re going to sleep. So you’re getting that blue light triggering you no wonder you’re not falling asleep, no wonder you can’t sleep and the same with your laptop. Your laptop, you can get an app like I have a Mac and there’s this called flux and it can help dim the intensity to brightness, so decreasing that blue light. So these are some of the things that you can do on a daily basis to protect your eyes if you get those sexy eyes and also so that your eyes don’t get worse over time.

So these are crucial, you may think that it’s mumbo-jumbo but it’s not just test it out, buy a pair of these glasses, decrease the intensity the blue light off your phone, your laptop. I don’t know if they can do it off the TV, they probably can I mean I don’t watch TV so I don’t know. I do have a TV back there but it’s just in there for display, I’m just not even plugged it into the wall but I think there is. You should be able to decrease the blue light up from your TV but I don’t know maybe you need a smart TV.

But get off the TV, get off your phone after you finish this video. Get off the computer, get off your Facebook and go outside and look at the green trees and the green grass that actually helps your eyes. Let’s say you’re losing your vision and you’re starting to go blind like glaucoma you know. Did you know that acupuncture can help with these? Acupuncture is actually super effective it’s because with Western medicine they can only give you a little drops.

But that doesn’t solve, that doesn’t reverse the problem, you got to put drops for the rest of your life or something some of them you do surgery. Surgery temporarily helps but doesn’t necessarily solve the problem and so check out acupuncture five one two two six zero one seven one zero achieve integrated health clinic. We can possibly help you, we can, the first thing is we got to examine you to see if we can and here’s the thing, we will let you know if we can or we can’t. So look us up achieve integrative health, we’ve got two clinics one in Cedar Park and one in Central Austin to better serve you.

We are the best acupuncture and wellness clinic in Central Texas so check this out five one two two six zero one seven one zero. All right get some of these glasses, get outside, better yet get outside and play. If you’re out in the Sun, wears some shades, it’s cool to wear shades. It’s not just to look cool, it’s actually to protect your eyes but get some shades to look cool, look sexy eyes and enjoy.

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