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September 22, 2022

It’s about sexy confessions and I’m here actually in my bedroom because that’s where I spent my whole Friday in almost a half a day. Saturday just didn’t just laying down and so this is my confession and typically as an acupuncturist we take care. I take care of my health, I do all the self-care routines and I make sure that nothing happens to my health. So I don’t, I don’t fall down, I don’t get sick but this weekend I had about of severe vertigo and I just could not get up.

 I couldn’t walk straight and I couldn’t do anything, thankfully I had a strong, I have a great team. They were able to still help our patients when I wasn’t able to be there and what happened the past three weeks, I’ve been so focused on how we can help. How to get my whole team to be able to help more people in our community that I started neglecting my self-care now? I haven’t been neglecting every part of my self-care I’ve done 99% of it.

I made sure that I inputted the right nutrition, my wife and I recently a month ago started eating vegetarian and we’ve been eating very clean. But that especially a couple of things that I’ve been neglecting, one is exercise I haven’t been playing tennis for three weeks. I’ve been neglecting that and then another part of my self-care that I’ve been neglecting is I get regular chiropractic adjustments. I’ve been neglecting that I’ve been doing my acupuncture, I’ve been doing my Chinese herbs, I’ve been in putting them the right nutrition, I’ve been well.

Another thing I’ve been neglecting to sleep, I’ve been decreasing the amount of sleep and I’m super excited about coming up with new ideas to help people in our community. So I started neglecting some apart of my health and that’s what happens. When you just do 90% everything correct but you just neglect one or two things, your body’s going to react, it’s going to act up, it’s going to tell you “hey you got to slow down”. Then this weekend, you know I cannot neglect these even these things that may seem it.

Like exercise, it just may seem like okay I don’t want to get super buff or I don’t want to go to a competition or something like that. But it’s for my daily living; I need to do that because when I went down I could not do anything. I wanted to, I couldn’t even stand up and walk straight but I wanted to, I wanted to get back working, I wanted to be able to go exercise again but I couldn’t because I couldn’t walk straight. So these are the times that hopefully you can learn from my experience too.

If you don’t take your help seriously your health is going to let you know. What’s that quote? if you don’t take time for your health you use all the excuses, all, I’ll do it next week, I’ll do it in a month, oh I’ve got this, I’ve got that, you know I’ve got kids, I’ve got parents, I got to take care of. So if you start neglecting that your body is going to let you, if you don’t make time for your health your health is going to make time and this weekend my health made me make time. I had to stop, I had to get rest, I slept for a whole day, I had to get rest and I don’t have kids but if you have kids how are you going to take care of your kids.

If you’re in bed ridden, how am I supposed to take care of my in-laws and my wife? Actually they had to spend their time taking care of me. So not only did I create stress for myself, I create stress for my family just because of things that I could have done. We’re under a hundred percent of my control that I didn’t do and so that’s the big lesson is we have a hundred percent control of this but if you choose not to do it what happens. Not only do you suffer, you make everybody around you and take care of it, take control of your health.

You need to start document, you need to start breaking out sometime in your day and scheduling the time to take care of your health. There are so many different aspects of the health and I want to go over in this video but I will go over in the future videos, certain things that you can do. But you got us, you got it number one, it’s number one, commit the first thing you got to do is, commit to taking care of your health because without your health you can’t do anything. You can’t do the things that you love; you can’t be your passion like my passion is to help people.

I can’t help people if I can’t even call myself right and so whatever you want it, whatever you want to do or if you want to take your note-taker. Your kids out to play and enjoy life with them, you can’t do that if you can’t get out of bed right. Prioritize your health, without health you have nothing, so I want you to comment what are some things that in the past month or so in the past few weeks that you’ve been missing out in your health. Then you need to instantly get back into your routine what are some of those things?

Jimmy here the acupuncture guy with achieve integrative health. You see these are the things; this is what you’re going to get from us. When you come and work with us, if you need that help to help restore your health you need to check us out at achieve in great health. This is the transparency that you’re going to get from our clinic we’re not going to tell you one thing and do another thing behind your back.

We’re not going to hide these facts that’s why this is my confession today. So we’re going to let you know exactly what we’ve done the failures we’ve done. We’re going to let you know exactly you know very black or white.  A hundred percent transparent because that’s what you get when you work with us there’s no fluff there’s no gimmick, it’s a hundred percent transparency. Then you have a whole team behind you when you choose us to help you restore your health so Achieve Integrative Health, call five one two two six zero one seven one-zero let’s have a great day and let’s commit.

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