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What Does Your Ego Tell You?

September 27, 2022

The ego is not necessarily what the average perception of having an ego because an ego is typically a negative thing but I’m saying that it is a positive thing. So a sexy ego makes it even more positive and so what is a sexy ego? Well, you need a sexy ego before you actually get the road map. So what is the sexy ego that helps you identify establish the purpose of your life? Why are you here? Why are you on this earth? Why do you exist? Why are you going to work every day? Why are you raising kids? Why are you helping people? What’s the purpose of your life? That’s the sexy ego.

My definition for sexy ego is, you have to think beyond yourself because we tend to be selfish and all we care about is ourselves. What’s in it for me? That’s how people think, so as you go we got to think about what’s our purpose, what is our purpose in him on this earth? Why are we here? And so there’s really just one purpose for everybody is to contribute something to the society, to this world. To leave a legacy is some type of contribution because we have to think outside of ourselves, you got to be some guys.

Stop being so self-centered and focused on ourselves because it’s not about ourselves it’s about how do we move society forward into a better career. Some people may be to coaching a team, to teach kids to some discipline, coaching baseball, basketball or volleyball or soccer or whatever. Maybe it’s being a teacher to guide students into being a productive member of society instead of a destructive member. Whatever that purpose is for, you have to start thinking about what can you contribute to society that’s our responsibility as a human being on this earth.

So before we can do that to help others we first need to help our family and so within your family what are you doing on a day to contribute to your family? It’s this besides yelling at your kids, really. What are you or yelling at your parents? Or yelling at your siblings? What are you contributing to your family? And then even before you contribute to your family you have to make sure that you’re capable. This is not being about self-centered but this is about self-care because if I see every day in my clinic and that these people suffering you can’t help anybody.

When I had the vertigo episode I couldn’t help anybody, I needed people to help me. I became a liability to my family and you have to start focusing on your health. You don’t wait till it’s too late and you’re on your deathbed before you like “oh crap, I should’ve did this, I should, I should have done this, I should a syndrome”. Now is the time to take care the vertigo episodes that I had forced me now I’m really fine-tuning my self-care into making sure I don’t miss any part of my self-care.

If you need that help, if you need that help in your self-care, let’s say you have big, you have a big big sexy ego, you want to help a lot of people but your health is preventing you from doing that, give us a call five one two two six zero one seven one zero achieve integrative health clinic we can help you out. Chinese medicine is the Emperor’s medicine, it was discovered 3000 years ago and back then I was talking with one of my team members and we were talking about the beauty. The power of Chinese medicine wasn’t used necessarily to treat diseases back 3,000 years ago because when they had the Emperor they classify different ratings of a doctor like a mediocre doctor to a superior doctor.

And so back then there was a saying that the mediocre doctor treats diseases and symptoms, so they treat when someone’s already sick that’s a mediocre doctor, a superior doctor and this is a doctor that is usually invited to treat the Emperor. The superior doctor prevents the person from ever getting sick and that’s the superior doctor, superior doctor is keeping someone healthy that’s actually started harder than to treat a disease to treat a symptom. Now I’m not saying your doctor is inferior, I’m not saying any of that; I’m just saying what they did back there 3,000 years ago. So back there that the Emperor wanted to live forever and he wanted to have a hundred kids.

So he need to be very fertile and so the superior doctors job was to keep the emperor fertile regardless of how old he was to keep him from getting sick because he can’t lead a country in deep if he’s sick. So the superior doctor was focused on preventing people from getting sick and so that’s a power of Chinese medicine that’s what we do in our clinics today. So those of you who are patients in our clinics, this is the reason why we promote self-care. We promote maintenance care because your symptoms are gone and let’s say your energy is back to normal.

You’re sleeping great, you have no pain, you have Cletus yeah, you’re able to do all the things that you want to do and this is the reason why we ask you, do you want to stay there? Because life is not a straight-line, life comes up goes ups and downs. If you don’t prevent, if you don’t do things to prevent yourself from getting sick you’re going to get sick. So that’s the beauty of Chinese medicine, if you need that help call us five one two two six zero one seven one zero achieve integrative health clinic. So what does your sexy ego tell you? what did your sexy ego tell you that you were what you need to be doing on this earth.

What are you? What is your product? What is your production? What is your mission of being placed here on earth? Let’s start with ourselves and taking care of ourselves. Then taking care of our families and we can start taking care of our community.

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