New Patient Journey

Welcome to Achieve Integrative Health, where we believe “Anything is Achieve-able“. As Austin’s #1 acupuncture clinic, our Mission is to help over 1 million people restore their body’s natural ability to heal itself so that they can do the things they love. 

New Patient Journey

Step 1

Initial Exam

This is where we do a comprehensive Initial Examination.

Step 2

Rate of Response Test

This is where we will start off with a few acupuncture treatments to test your bodys rate of response to our QRA Acupuncture

Step 3

Care Plan

What is It?

This is where we will customize a care plan to help you achieve your health goals.

You will only be given a Care Plan it we have found that your body responds to our QRA Acupuncture

Your Customized Care Plan is created based on your Rate of Response to our QRA Acupuncture

Your Customized Care Plan is focused on providing you symptomatic relief, correcting the root cause, re-training your body to heal itself and MOST importantly helping you to ACHIEVE your Health Goals.

Initial Exam Details

Common FAQs

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QRA Acupuncture is Black or White, it either works or it doesn’t.

If it doesn’t work then we will stop treatments.

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