Quick Restorative Acupuncture

QRA Acupuncture is a revolutionary Acupuncture Technique that fuses a 3,000 year old medicine with today’s modern medicine to help people Restore their Joy & Happiness back into their lives.

QRA Acupuncture

QRA stands for Quick Restorative Acupuncture.  It was created by our founder, Jimmy Yen. It is the only acupuncture technique in the world that focuses on Restoring Function back to people’s lives.  Achieve Integrative Health is the only clinic in Austin, TX that uses QRA Acupuncture.

Traditional Acupuncture focuses on relief of symptoms mainly, that’s why a traditional acupuncturist will base their diagnosis on asking you questions.  At Achieve Integrative Health, we base our diagnosis on Functional Tests and Exams, like blood labs, imaging, infrared thermal scan, and functional pulse diagnosis.

During a treatment very thin, solid, hairlike, needles are inserted at a specific point on the body. The stimulation of these QRA acupuncture points affects the body’s central and peripheral nervous system. It triggers the release of the body’s internal chemicals such as endorphins and enkephalins, which have pain-relieving properties. QRA Acupuncture in Achieve Integrative Health does 2 main things:


Increases Blood circulation to anywhere in the body


Re-trains your body to heal itself again

You’ll notice that during treatments we insert the QRA acupuncture pins only on your arms, legs and head, and we rarely insert a needle at the site of your problem. Consequently, our patients, the majority of the time, never have to take off their clothes, and the treatments are efficient, comfortable, relaxing, and extremely effective.

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