Functional Pulse Diagnosis

 It is simply the interpretation of the blood flow in the radial artery on the wrists. 

What is Functional Pulse Diagnosis?

3,000 years ago people did not have blood tests, MRIs, Ultrasounds, etc…so they needed a way to figure out what’s going on with your body, why isn’t your body healing itself?

They discovered that different sections of the radial pulse (artery) on the wrists correspond to different organ systems in the body… and since blood flows in our arteries…they found out that they could detect the blood circulating to all of our different organ systems to determine which organ systems were functioning at sub-optimal levels.

Those organ systems were usually the culprit (aka ‘root cause’) of why our bodies stopped healing itself. Therefore, if we are able to restore the function of those organ systems, then our bodies will return to healing itself just as God designed.

There are many pulse taking methods, and the method we use at Achieve Integrative Health is called Functional Pulse Diagnosis (FPD). It was created by our founder, Jimmy Yen, and is completely different from the pulse methods taught in TCM schools around the world. Jimmy integrated current medicine knowledge with the 3,000 year old medicine knowledge, in essence combining the best of both worlds.

After palpating over 100,000 pulses and using his biochemistry background, Jimmy was able to create a method that connected Traditional Chinese Medicine and western medicine methodology. He continued to prove out his FPD method by validating it with blood tests and other diagnostic scans. After 20 years of clinical research, his Functional Pulse Diagnosis (FPD) can accurately detect sub-optimal functioning organ systems.

you’re probably wondering, what does that mean for patients?

  • Team Achieve can help our patients identify their true root causes sooner than later, so that decisions can be made quicker
  • We can help our patients identify more quickly which specialist to go to for their health conditions, so that they are not waiting months for the wrong specialists
  • we can help our patients identify which labs and imaging to discuss with their physicians


Currently, the only providers certified in Jimmy’s Functional Pulse Diagnosis are Fiona Fan and Jasmine Chen.

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