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November 4, 2022

Two of the groups of the philharmonics and committed two of the groups; they both were on the sing-off. One of them won the sing-off; one of them was Blake Lewis, who was also from American Idol and the Philadelphia Orchestra; they’re the group that was in the movie Pitch Perfect. They’re on the James Corbin Show frequently. But anyways, it was awesome acappella night tonight, and actually there’s a lesson in how it relates to health.

They were saying that you know everything this evening; there were no instruments. It was all done using their own voices. Everything was their voice; every sound is created by their voice, and their introduction was, you know, going back to the root. Simplicity is going back to the root, where there’s just a human voice and no other instruments. Nothing was stripped away; everything was back to the basics, and when they said that, it made me think about our health too.

We’ve got to go back to the basics, and there are too many things out there, too many gimmicks, too many fad diets, too many new gadgets, new surgeries, and new pills. We’ve got to get back to the basics; the basics are still the same as they were 3000 years ago. The basics and today’s basics are exactly the same; they haven’t changed. So, if you want optimum health, you need that to improve the quality of life and regain organ function.

You’ve got to get back to the basics; without the basics, nothing is sustainable. I’m not saying things don’t work these days. Supplements, diets, pills, surgery, stem cells—whatever you call them—may work or may not work, but we’re talking about longevity. We’re talking about not just longevity as in as you live longer, but longevity as a sustainability in your optimal health.

Sustainability and living a high-quality life go back to the basics, as you know. For example, this past week, I’ve been working more and cutting my sleep short. That’s the basics, you know. I got a little cold, but I recovered fast.

It just took me a couple days to recover, but you know, it’s just going back to the basics. The basics have not changed; you still need sleep. It doesn’t matter what research tells you; you only need four hours of sleep. You don’t need four; you don’t just need four hours of sleep.

You need a minimum of eight hours of sleep. I personally need nine, but you know what the new research is telling you. Oh, you only need seven; you only need six. Okay, let’s get back to the basics.

That’s the key, like the acappella concert tonight. They were saying going back to the basics—just using the human voice to create such beautiful sounds, harmonies, and so forth—was the way to go. If you need help going back to the basics, achieve integrative health. We’re the number one acupuncture wellness clinic in central Texas.

So, give us a call, let’s get back to the basics, and let’s build your health. so that it is sustainable in the sense that, long term, you’re going to have it when your children get older. and even when you get older, you’ll be able—you’ll be alive—to see your grandchildren grow up also. Alright, guys, let’s get back to the basics to achieve integrative health.

-Jimmy Yen


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