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Biohacking Tips
September 30, 2022

We’re going to continue on the biohacking tips number 14. White rice is dead food; we’re going to go back to the enzyme factor written by the gastroenterologist surgeon who treats colon cancer and with diet. Yes a surgeon that actually treats colon cancer using diet not just surgery. So reading from this book he says recently many people have started reducing their rice intake because they believe carbohydrates will make them gain weight. However it is a mistake to think that rice will make you gain weight forty to fifty percent of my entire diet consists of grains because my meals are well balanced, i never gained weight.

So the myth of his is a debunking the myth, current research is saying about you got to get rid of carbohydrates. Rice is terrible for you, grains are terrible for you, and well for three thousand years people have been eating grains. The human population is still alive so it was terrible for us, why are we still flourishing. It’s a myth, don’t believe the myth that rice is harmful for you; grains are harmful for you they’re not the reason why you’re reacting to.

It’s not because grains are bad for you; it’s because your immune system or your digestive system is messed up. So instead of fixing the problem, people are telling you the wrong information. They’re saying “Oh, grains are terrible for the gut” It’s not that grains are terrible for the gut for billions How many people are in China? Billions of people are eating grains every single day.

A staple it’s not just China in Asia, How many billions of people are eating grains every single day? So now here he says, “Dr. Shinya says my staple food, however, is not the puffed white rice.” It’s not white rice, its brown rice to which I add about five other grains, rolled barley, millet, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth oatmeal, whole oats and bulgur. I mix these other grains with brown rice and have this as my staple food.

I choose, what exactly are barley and buckwheat? We supposedly have gluten and we have this gluten scare these days, but a lot of these grains have gluten or can possibly have gluten. I believe barley has Most of them actually don’t have, brown rice doesn’t come with gluten. It only has gluten when it’s contaminated in the processing plants.

Many people are saying “don’t eat grains these days because it irritates your intestines”. It’s a myth, it’s a lie, so it doesn’t matter what current research shows, and thousands now again. Do you want to listen to years or just a few years ago? In research or do you want to listen to Grains are good for you? According to 3000 year old research grains are a staple for 40 to 50 percent of the world’s population.

My diet is also grain-based too. My family, the Asian culture, all 40 to 50 percent of it is grains, so don’t. If you believe in the myth, this is a biohacking tip, It’s not the grains that are making you fat. It’s probably the fried chicken that’s making you fat, but it’s also the animal protein that’s making you fat. Animal protein may help you lose weight initially but it’s causing inflammation within your gut which means how many of you have.

You try all these different diets and you lose weight, and then you suddenly stop losing weight. And then you still eat the same way and your weight comes back because of the food that you’re eating is generating inflammation. This is based on three thousand year old research and as a result of the enzyme factor; white rice is no longer a dead food. Then we’re not talking about white rice, we’re talking about grains Complex carbohydrates from brown rice.

Quinoa, oatmeal, barley, millet, and buckwheat are all acceptable grains to include in your diet. And if you have problems digesting them, it’s not because of the grains; it’s because of your gut. So you need to repair your gut so that you can digest these better. So you got it, don’t use grains as many people these days use grains as a scapegoat, as if to say, “Oh, that’s my fault.”

What’s irritating your gut is just thinking about the whole medical industry. Putting all these myths together, it’s like, okay, “if you have a problem, if you have, it’s like if you have a kidney problem? Let’s just remove your kidney right away”. It’s the mentality of removing things instead of repairing them and making them work better, we built our bodies. Perfect by God, and we don’t have excess organs, so just because something excess goes wrong.

If something goes wrong with one of your intestines, the solution is not to remove that part of your intestines. The solution is to figure out why it went wrong and helps restore it if grains are used, it’s the same concept. If grains are upsetting your digestive system, don’t remove the grains rather than using grains as a scapegoat. So if you need extra help, i know nutrition can be very confusing or complex but at Achieve Integrative Health we specialize in helping people restore their organ function, so give us a call.

-Jimmy Yen

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