Are You a Great Follower?

November 25, 2022
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Let’s say you have your roadmap. What do you do with that roadmap next? So that’s what we’re talking about today. My question is, are you a great follower? And so, if you have a roadmap, do you follow it or do you kind of just wing it? So, I’d like to give an example. Like all of my mentors, they are great followers, and therefore, that’s why they’re great leaders.

You can’t be a great leader without being a great follower. And so, a couple of analogies I like to use are knowing you’re cooking and having a recipe. Do you tend to cook by intuition or by following the recipe? Right.

A lot of people may say, oh yeah, I like to just kind of feel it. Right? Well, are you thinking about what’s good for you, like, what’s enjoyable for you, or are you thinking about the people that are going to be eating your food, whether it’s your family or maybe you have a restaurant, whether it’s your customers? Do you consider your customers when preparing food based on intuition? 

And what I mean by that is that I frequent these bubble tea places. Bubble teas are not good for you. But that’s one of my weaknesses.

And so, I go to two different bubble tea places here in town, and at one of them, I see them making it and they measure everything. They basically, as some people say, take the joy out of cooking or making something. because they measure everything and have a step-by-step system. Exactly.

Correct iced tea and flavor measurements and then at this other one, the other milk tea place, they just wing it. They’re pouring; they’re just guessing, right, which bubble tea shop consistently makes the best tea. 

So, of course, it’s the one that actually measures everything, right? So that bubble tea place actually has more business. The reason why is because they’re consistent in delivery and offer exceptional products.

As a result, the other milk tea shop is a little suspect. Some days you go there and it’s well, and some days it’s not. So, it’s the same thing. Are you doing that with your health? Some days you just, you know, follow it, and some days you’re like, “Yeah, I’m winging it.”

Okay, so maybe that’s why you’re not getting consistent results. When you’re driving, I like to have a map behind me, and you type in your address in Google Maps or Ways. Do you follow Google’s directions telling you to turn left or right, or do you just say, “Hey, let me just kind of wing it and just feel kind of where I should be going” and ignore Google?

Well, in driving, I’m pretty sure 99% of us follow Google Maps or follow the GPS, because if Google tells you to turn left and you’re feeling like, yeah, maybe I should turn right, are you going to get to the same place? Let’s just say you may get to the same place eventually, right? So, are you going to get there in a shorter time when you follow instructions, or are you going to get there in a shorter time when you wing it? Right.

So, this is about health in all aspects of business. If you’re a business owner, a teacher, or you homeschool your kids, it doesn’t matter what you do; if you don’t follow a system exactly as it is, you’re not going to get the results you want. a system with a road map.

A roadmap is a roadmap to success. Someone has been there, done that, and they’ve laid out the path. If you decide to veer off from it, most likely you’re not going to get the same results as the person who wrote the roadmap.

Right? So, again, if you need that help to regain your quality of life and restore your organ function and you need that health roadmap, give us a call. 512-260-1710 Achieve Integrative Health All right, guys, let’s start utilizing our roadmaps.

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